The time I almost won Fortnite

There I was… Crouching behind a fence in front of a large blue house. I had only been playing the game for less than a week and somehow I managed to make it into the top five.

My heart raced. Trembling from fear and excitement, I made a plan. I would wait behind the fence until the other players disposed of each other.

I watched the number go down, 4, 3, this was it. I was pushed from my hiding spot as the storm closed in. I ducked behind a nearby tree and noticed the other two remaining players were shooting at each other from their tall ramps. I knew there was little chance of me surviving if I got into the middle of their feud, so I waited for the victor of the battle to take his stance.

Just then my brother sat down next to me. I was delighted by the look on his face after I explained my situation.

The number once again went from 3 to 2. I was one of two survivors. I took a deep breath and began to fire at my opponent. He shot back, running down the hill towards the tree I was still crouching behind. I thought I had the upper hand until I looked behind me and was suddenly engulfed by the storm. Desperate to escape, I ran from the tree and had no time to react before my adversary fired a shot…

It was over. I had lost.

I was devastated. I screamed, rolled off the couch and had a laughing fit. I was sooooo close!

I know this post was a little random, but I really hope you enjoyed!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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