First COVID and now my phone | Quarantine Life

You know that place phones go to die, yeah, that’s where mine is heading. As you know, I am a teenager, and like all teenagers I’ve been living off my phone for a while now, and right now my phone will hardly turn on and seeing how I can’t afford to get another, I am living like the pioneers, with only a book and a puzzle to satisfy me… Oh, and also my laptop, the TV, video games (I’ve recently hopped on the Fortnite train, or.. bus), and the array of devices that play music at my command.

Let us now address the other reason I’m here.

So, how are yall doin’ in quarantine? I think my hands are finally getting used to being washed so much. When we first went into isolation, I was washing my hands so much they were starting to crack and break out in hives. Their still dry but it’s a lot better.

This is one heck of a way to kick off the new year, especially after making all those great new years resolutions that I can’t follow through with because they all involve going out… This has also put a damper on learning to drive, as the DMV is closed, and legally, I need a permit before I can confidently sit behind the wheel of any automobile. Honestly, I never really cared, I just thought I had to do it ASAP because all my friends were doing it right after they turned 15. But driving has never been one of my top priorities.

Boredom has hit hard. I finally was able to get some books to read: The Lost Heiress, by Roseanna M. White, and Heartless, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. I’ve read Heartless before, and have been wanting to read it again for a while now. My anxiety has been through the roof so I wanted some familiar fantasy to get my mind off the end of the world.

Man, I am so sorry, I don’t know why I’m being so dramatic. I think the social distancing thing is really getting to me. It’s making me very dramatic and poetic for some reason, and I’m sure that has nothing to do with the essay I wrote about Robert Frost last week.

Ah, yes… School continues.

When the schools first shut down, I was like, ‘YAY! NO SCHOOL!’ but then I remembered I was homeschooled and would be doing school no matter what. And now that the whole world is homeschooled, all I can do is watch and laugh as they struggle. I’m just kidding. I know everyone is having a very hard time adjusting to this. Heck, I’m still adjusting and I’ve been homeschooled for eight years! I just find the idea of the world doing online school, after years of being looked at weird and treated differently, I find it all rather amusing.

Any questions on how I do my school, don’t be afraid to ask! I would love to answer any questions you have!

Anyways, I think I should start wrapping it up. I think I’ve updated this post like three times, sorry about that… But I really have no idea what I’m doing right now.

Thanks a bunch!

ā€” Nerd


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