NaNoWriMo Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling too motivated this preptober. I haven’t even started the hard part (actually writing) and I’m already feeling burnt out. This year has already been crazy and it’s about to get even worse… But, have no fear! For I am here, to lift your spirits and get you ready for the coming month.

To make this post easier to swallow, here is the Table of Contents. 

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  • Pinterest boards
  • Youtube channels

Need Some Motivation? Check out these posts!

The First Draft Pep Talk

The Greatest Writing tips I was ever given.

Crushing Writer’s Block (aka every writer’s NIGHTMARE)

Finding Story Ideas in Everyday Life

Need Some Advice? Try these!

Romance Writing lessons learned from Hello, Dolly.

Storytelling lessons learned from Tron

How to write an entertaining Exposition

The Best Plotting Method for Pantsers

Need some inspiration? I like these!

Does your font affect your writing?

Is Writing on paper really better for creativity?

What is the most important aspect of a Character?

Just want to get your mind off your project? Try one of these.

Sorting my protagonist into a Hogwarts house! The new wizarding world sorting.

The time I almost won Fortnite

If I went to Narnia

My favorite song lyrics

Really stuck? Check out some of my Pinterest boards!

My Favorite YouTubers

Kim Chance. Kim is the first and best YouTuber to go to when feeling burnt out.

Abbie Emmons. Got a question? Go to Abbie! She and her sister also have a podcast you can find on Spotify called the Kate and Abbie show.

BytheBrook. I’ll admit, I don’t watch Brook’s videos very often, but she has super fun word sprints!

MarkCrilley. Though his videos usually focus on art, Mark does have a few writing-related videos I found really insightful!

Well, I was hoping to have a little more for you, but if you’ve got any advice for your fellow writers this nano, go ahead and leave them in the comments!

Thanks a Bunch!

— Nerd


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