A few Life and Blog Updates

Hello, my fellow humans! I’m not one for intros so let’s get right on with this.

As you may already know if you have been reading my last few posts, I am participating in NaNoWriMo, again… for like the fourth year.. or maybe it’s the third year. Did I do Nanowrimo last year?

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Anyways, Stay tuned for updates on that. I will try to post nano-related stuff this week as we are nearing the end of October, but that all depends on how fast I finish character sketches and plot outlines and such.

My sister and I are thinking/working on setting up a blog together. My sister is NOT a nerd, so we will be doing lots of fashion and lifestyle stuff. So if you are interested in seeing all of that I will release a notice of when that will be up and ready.

Speaking of blogs, over the next few months I will be working to change my content a little bit. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the same fun-loving nerd, I have just been a bit bored with what I’ve been producing, I want to experiment a little bit.

Now, for your regularly scheduled Nerd Out Session.

— Nerd Out —

What I’m reading: I am currently reading a tale of two cities by Charles Dickens, not by my own choice though. It’s for a high school book club I’m apart of. I don’t think I like it enough to read it again although it is pretty good.

What I’m nerding out about right now: The third and final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!!!

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Speaking of which, I wanted to write a trailer review. I wonder if it’s too late.

Blog Post’s coming up: I haven’t worked out a schedule yet, thanks to school and nano, but I will have a post on does the music you listen to affect the way you write.



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