20 more things only Book Nerd understand

Hello book lovers! In case you haven’t read it already here is the first 20 Things only Book Nerds understand

  1. The looks you get from people because you can’t help smelling the book
  2. That lonely feeling after going without reading for so long (does anyone else get that?)
  4. Trying to come up with interesting excuses when being asked to go out because “I’m reading” apparently isn’t convincing enough
  5. When you seek comfort from a friend who does not share your same love of books…
  6. That awkward moment when you find out you’ve been pronouncing a character’s name wrong the whole time…
  7. Your bag is always extremely heavy because you always carry an entire library worth of books
  8. The nervous but exciting feeling when you find out your favorite book is being made into a movie
  9. When you could see that plot twist coming a mile away
  10. And when a plot twist takes you completely by surprise!
  11. Spoilers!
  12. When your cheep (like me) and don’t like buying books, but the library never has the books you’re looking for
  13. There is just not enough time in the world for the number of books you want to read
  14. You notice you’ve taken on the protagonist’s personality while reading
  15. Everyone who doesn’t read is just as weird to you as you are to them
  16. The joy and excitement when you get a new book
  17. When the characters in the movie don’t look like how you pictured them
  18. Back and neck pains from reading in awkward positions
  19. No one wants to watch movies with you anymore because you ruin it by explaining what happened in the book.
  20. That comforting feeling when you reread your favorite book

Last time I talked about why people who read are better off than those who are addicted to social media (forgive me for ranting), this time, however, I decided to lighten things up a bit by discussing a more fun topic: Why do books smell so good?

I have never met a book nerd who didn’t like the smell of books. It’s irresistible! You see a book and you just have to smell it!

Ok, I’m about to get a bit scientifical now so prepare yourselves… *Clears throat* Among many chemicals, paper contains cellulose and small amounts of lignin. The amount of lignin determines the quality of the paper. The less, the thinner. Older books usually contained more lignin. Over time these chemicals breakdown as an effect to light, heat, and moisture giving you that lovely scent. different chemicals that may be used give you different fragrances, such as benzaldehyde (almond), ethylbenzene (floral), vanillin (vanilla), etc. New books smell different because of modern manufacturing and different chemicals. The ink and the binding and the glue may also affect the smell.

Hey, you still there? Hello?

If you managed to make it to the end let me just start by saying thank you for reading! Can you relate to any of these things? Do you prefer the smell of old books or new books?



2 thoughts on “20 more things only Book Nerd understand

  1. 1, 5, 6 and 17 were totaalllyyyy relatable. I thought that Grandmere from the Princess Diaries was as homely as the one from the movies. But if you look her up on the net, an illustrated form of her comes where she is portrayed as a thin and strict woman (the illustrated one appears in the 11th book of the series called Princess Lessons). Sad to realize I was living a lie the whole time (please don’t mind if it seems that I’ve written a whole paragraph on the comments section)! Good day, though:)

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