A Teacher gave me a fear of Toasters

It’s that time again. To get ready to go back to school. I’m entering my junior year of high school, which is nuts. I feel like I should still be a freshman, lol.

While getting ready for the new school year, I remembered a very traumatizing lesson I had on Electricity.

I think I was in first grade, back when I was in public school, and we were going to be learning about electricity. I remember being taken down to the dark scary basement, where a woman was standing in front of a dollhouse.

We sat down in front of her, and she began the lecture.

The dollhouse was awesome. In every room was a doll doing something different. To six year old girl it was the coolest toy ever! Until it wasn’t…

The one that I remember the most was this little doll in the kitchen. The teacher talked about how dangerous it is to put a fork in the toaster. To prove her point, she electrocuted the doll.

It made this terrible sound, and the dolls would be illuminated in the light and smoke. She did this over and over again, giving us different scenarios throughout the house.

I’ve never looked at a toaster the same way again. And to this day I still think about that doll every time I make toast.

It was a creative way to teach kids about being safe around electricity, even if it was terrifying. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life.

I’m able to laugh about it now, but seriously traumatized me…

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


2 thoughts on “A Teacher gave me a fear of Toasters

  1. Ohh wow that is traumatizing haha, good luck with back to school!! I’m going to be a freshman this year and ahh I feel like I should still be in sixth grade.

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