Vinyl Record tag

I love vinyl records. I have about 25 currently. I thought it would be fun to show you some, and invite you to do the same!

If you would like to do this tag, just be sure to let me know and link me as the creator. I would love to see you use this tag!

Where do you buy most of your records?

I get most of my records at thrift stores. I’m always looking for an old treasure! Most of the records I find at thrift stores are instrumental. I’ve bought a few of those by mistake. But I’ve been able to find some really cool old records like ‘A Cabbage Patch Christmas’, and ‘Doris Day’!

What’s your Most recent record?

‘Clouds’ from NF! You guys know how much I love the rapper NF. I wasn’t even looking for this! I saw it out of the corner of my eye while passing through the aisle at Walmart. I recognized it instantly to be NF’s new album.

What is a record you regret buying?

I still don’t know why I bought this… It was thrifted, obviously..

Do you have a record you only bought for the cover?

This is just instramental covers of old film hits. I have tons of these, but I could not resist the cover! I thought I could maybe decorate with it (so far that’s not happened).

What is a record you can’t believe you found?

A while back, I was looking for the Frozen 2 soundtrack on vinyl, and I found something even better. THE LABYRINTH SOUNDTRACK!!!

The record you listen to the most

I am a big Journey fan, and I asked for the record for Christmas and didn’t get it. Then my sister suprised me with it for my birthday! A funny story, but one for another time.

The record you don’t play much anymore

One of my first records was this essential Elvis Presley album. I love Elvis but this isn’t a record I reach for much anymore.

Your very first record?

This record was given to me by my sister after I bought my player. I’m pretty sure she got it from our Grandpa.

Do you have any records you still haven’t listened to?

Yeah, and this isn’t even all of them… This is what happens when you’re an impulsive shopper and vinyl records at the thrift store are only $2…

What a record(s) on your wish list?

I would love Ocean Eyes by Owl City!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see you guys use this tag!

Thanks a bunch!

β€” Nerd


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