Beautiful Fandom Candles from Menel27 (Etsy Shop Review) Blogmas day Seven

As you guys know, I seek to support small businesses this Christmas. Last week I reviewed earrings from Erica Marie Clay Co and this week I have another handmade business that I’m excited to share with you!

Jessica at Menel27 makes these beautiful, eco-friendly, soy candles. As soon as I saw these fun, nerdy, bookish candles I knew I just had to share them with you! She has pop culture, Disney-themed candles, lord of the rings. Candles inspired by books, and even some video game-inspired!

Her candles are so beautiful! They are modern, and simplistic, all the while portraying the geeky things you love!

After reaching out to Jessica, she so graciously sent me her favorite candle, the Hyrule Fields, from The Legend of Zelda. It came beautifully packaged and included care instructions!

My honest review is that I have never smelt a better candle in my life! This candle is amazing in that it smells just like fresh-cut grass which is exactly how I would imagine the Hyrule fields to smell, it also has an exceptional throw.

I’ve bought plenty of fresh, nature scents from stores, like Target that just don’t smell the same once lit. Not only did it make my room smell amazing, but every time someone came in they said, “Oh, what smells so good?”

One thing I look for when buying candles is the burn time. If it has a burn time of less than ten hours I usually won’t bother with it. The candles from Menel27 have a burn time of 40+ hours!

My experience working with Jessica was amazing and I will definitely be purchasing another candle from her in the near future.

These beautiful candles would make excellent Christmas gifts for anyone in your life. Be sure to check them out at Menel27 on Etsy and support a small, handmade business this Christmas!

Thanks a bunch!
— Nerd

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to burn my candle and play some legend of Zelda.


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