InkBox Semi-Permanent Tattoos | Unsponsored Review

I have always wanted a tattoo, but let’s be real, it’s a big commitment. All over the internet, I have seen ads for semi-permanent tattoos that are supposed to last up to two weeks.

The coolest feature of Inkbox is that they offer costume tattoos. So if you have something in particular that you want, and I’m sure you do, you can just upload a picture or use some of the graphics and fonts that Inkbox provides. They do, however, recommend that you don’t upload a picture of a tattoo that’s on someone’s skin as it makes it harder to get the perfect tattoo.

This is the picture I uploaded:

The custom tattoos do cost a little bit more than the pre-made, but Inkbox emails you coupon codes all the time, probably in an effort to get you to purchase more products, but I don’t care.

My only complaint was that when I tried ordering my tattoo the website had a lot of bugs that made it really difficult to upload and purchase my tattoo. I did get an email from them saying that it had been fixed so hopefully, you won’t have the same problems that I did.

Shipping was decently fast. Inside the envelope were a primer wipe, instructions, and the tattoo itself. The instructions also include tips for aftercare.

Following the instructions, you use the primer wipe on the area of skin that you want to put your tattoo, and then you leave the tattoo on for an hour.

Quick note, once the tattoo ink touches your skin it stains. I ended up smudging mine while putting it on, and I wasn’t really happy with where I put it so make sure you know exactly where you want it before putting it down.

The tattoo came out really good. I was expecting it not to print right, or to be the wrong size. The size measurements for the costume tattoos was a little difficult to figure out. The preview wasn’t true to size, but I still managed to get the exact dimensions I wanted.

One of the things I was curious about was how the tattoo would fade. Whether it would peel off like a temporary tattoo, or if the ink would just wash off. If it would fade gracefully or in patches. I decided to document the process of it developing and fading over the course of two weeks.

As you can see, it did get a little patchy towards the last few days, but it faded really gracefully. About a week through, the tattoo faded enough to the point where it looked super real and the placement that I once regretted was starting to grow on me. Now that it’s gone, I really miss my tattoo, lol.

So, would I ever order again? Absolutely! I really miss my batman tattoo, lol. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely! These tattoos surpassed my expectations.

Do you have any tattoos? Would you be interested in trying a temporary tattoo?

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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