Cozy Folksy Autumn Playlist (2021)

My Acoustic Autumn playlist features folk-inspired music from artists like Ed Sheeran, Passenger, The Oh Hellos, and more! This might be my favorite playlist ever. It’s so cozy!

I tried making this playlist last year but with my lack of experience with Spotify that didn’t happen. I can say though, it was worth the wait. This Playlist is so cozy. It’s the kind of playlist I want to listen to while walking in the chilly weather while leaves are blowing across the sidewalk.

This playlist is even perfect for sitting at a desk with a mug of hot apple cider while writing your next blog post.

As always, more songs are added as I find them so be sure to like the playlist and feel free to check out my other playlist. I’m sure there’s something there that you would like.

Thanks a bunch!

β€” Nerd


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