Mini Halloween Photoshoot

I was inspired by my Blog post Ideas for October to do a Halloween inspired photoshoot, so I ran to Walmart and grabbed a witch hat.

I am taking a photography class, and I need to practice with my camera. True, I wasn’t brave enough for Manual mode, but I’m still trying to learn to love my expensive camera. I bought it for blogging, and never got around to using it…

I bought more props, but I took my pictures later in the day and there wasn’t enough light, and I sadly won’t have the time to take more Halloween photos in time to get this post out.

I was just thinking, when was the last time I posted a picture of my face, lol? Have you guys even ever seen my face? Anyways, hello! This is what I look like in case you were wondering…

I only got this picture because I blinked at exactly the right time. Oh well, I guess it all worked out.

This is my favorite! The witch hat has little spider-web details that you can only see in this picture. I love the way my hair falls in front of my eyes, and you actually get a shot at my cute nails!

I was only intending on getting one picture, but I just couldn’t pick between these three.

Also, my new nails…

Happy Halloween!

Thanks a bunch!

β€” Nerd


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