Cute and Cozy Reading Nooks (For your Small Space!)

Do you want a Pinterest worthy reading nook, but don't have the space at home for walls of shelves and vintage sofas? A reading nook or book nook is a comfy place devoted to enjoying your favorite books. The reality is, not many of us actually have the space, so here are five different reading … Continue reading Cute and Cozy Reading Nooks (For your Small Space!)


Book in Progress — Part Six: Time Warp

I'm having a crisis. A mental break down or something. Nothing makes sense anymore. What is my book? What is a book? What is life? What am I doing here? I have no idea. I've re-read this project so many times, it doesn't make sense anymore. I feel like I'm in a time warp. My … Continue reading Book in Progress — Part Six: Time Warp

Disney’s the Jungle Cruise Review

I have been waiting for this movie since the teaser trailer came out in 2019. I was almost beginning to loose hope that it would ever be released (after being delayed twice) but what do you know, It finally did. I have been very disappointed with Disney's latest films, Raya and the last dragon, the … Continue reading Disney’s the Jungle Cruise Review

August 2021 wrap-up

Hello readers! How was your summer? Mine was busy as you all know. I'm not looking forward to the poor weather, but I am really excited for spooky season. Down here in Nebraska we have two seasons. Summer and Winter. There is no in between. It's 90 degrees one day and a winter storm warning … Continue reading August 2021 wrap-up