May 2021 wrap-up

Heidi ho, readers! How are you all doing? I feel like all I do is talk about myself (that usually is the point of a blog…) I just thought it would be nice to check in on you. I don’t want to be that friend. You know the one is too busy dumping all their drama on you, never bothering to ask how you’re doing.

Anyways, I am back with another monthly wrap up!

As you know if you read my last post, the Adventures of a Nerd is undergoing a makeover, so everything is a bit wacky.

If you are still waiting for April’s book club wrap up, well I’m sorry because I still haven’t finished the book. Also, I haven’t even started May’s book of the month… I’ve been busy…


Like I said, I’ve been busy. What with work, the blog, finishing my first draft (which we’ll get to in a moment), I haven’t been able to find the time to read.

Last month, I talked about how I started reading the Selection. It was one of those books I judged by the cover. I recognized it to be a popular book, and I knew it was a spin on the bachelor, however, someone forgot to tell me it was a dystopian.

I love dystopian novels, but I had just read the hunger games and the selection just felt like a cheep knock off to me. I still haven’t decided If I’m going to finish it or not. The beginning is okay, but then comes in the cliché ‘mean girl’ who’s prettier than everyone else and bickers with the main character nonstop.

I’ve also been listening to an amazing audiobook version of the hobbit (April’s book of the month).


I’m probably so boring… I started watching Avatar: the last airbender again… and when I’m not watching Avatar I’m either watching Dark Shadows, or Bonanza…

I told you! All I like is cartoons and old TV shows!

I did watch the maze runner for the first time. It was pretty good, a little forced and plot driven, but good.

Also, I’ve found myself watching that’s so Raven on disney+.


As you remember, I gave myself until June to finish the first draft of my WIP.

Writing eight chapters (that I didn’t bother to outline) in one week is really hard.

I may have not finished it this month, but I am almost done!

Songs on repeat

I’ve been listening to the acoustic version of leave a light on by Tom Walker a lot. This is the only Tom Walker song I know, but his voice is amazing!

Also, MercyMe and Casting Crowns. I prefer their older stuff.

The Blog

This month I had 108 views, 30 likes, 4 comments, I posted 6 posts, and gained 6 followers!

My most popular post was: Book in Progress — Part Three: Clock’s ticking, dude.

And one you might have missed: My favorite Star Wars moments

Current Obsessions

I love food, of course, who doesn’t? Long story short, my mom introduced me to these ‘buttermilk ranch rice-crisps’ from Quaker, and I really didn’t want to like them (yes, I’m one of those teenage girls…), but I can’t help it! They are soooo good!! I’ve gone through three and a half bags in two weeks. A huge waste of money, but well worth it, if you ask me!

I just started a film journal, which I use more like a film scrap book. I used to bullet journal, but I got a happy planner, so I don’t need to bullet journal anymore because it’s all pre-made in the planner…

And then I stumbled upon the concept of a film journal, and I thought what a great idea!

I don’t use it like most film journals, but it makes me happy and YOU DO YOU!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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