If I were A Disney Princess

Hello, readers and welcome to another ‘I have nothing to post, so bare with me as I throw something together’ post.

A while back I wrote a post call what I would do if I went to Narnia and while the idea wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have the time to put a lot of thought into it. Well, now I’m back with a similar post: What I would do and how I would live if I were a Disney Princess. I wrote this a while back just for fun. I didn’t really expect to publish it but since I have nothing else to post; I decided it wasn’t total garbage. And, because I’m a writer, I thought I would make it more of a show and map out my Disney story for you.

Oh, and the pictures came from Pinterest btw.

Like most Disney Princesses, my story starts out not in a castle, but in a humble cottage. I live with my family (Why are all Disney Princess orphans? I think I’m going to break that chain today) in an old house in the woods, sheltered, and hidden away from the world. I spend most of my time reading books and dancing through the forest barefoot. Leaves crunching under my feet. The hem of my white lace dress forever stained with mud.

I spend a lot of that time out in the forest with my cat, Gilbert. Gilbert is a small, energetic, ball of dirty fur.

One day, while laying with Gilbert under the shade of a tall tree and reading one of my favorite books, I hear the sound of someone approaching. I look up and see a man stumbling through the trees leading his horse behind him. He explains he’s lost. I tell him how to find the road and we talked for some time. He mentions a Ball being held at the palace and invites me to accompany him. The invitation catches me off guard, and I agree before I really had time to think it through. He smiles and politely bids me goodby.

My heart pounding, and my head in the sky, I walk home. Dancing and singing. But I stop dead in my tracks when I realize… I have nothing to wear! My heart sank. I thought of the young man I met, and all the fun I would’ve had at the ball.

Walking into the cottage I see my mother working in the kitchen. I tell her about the invitation to the ball, and that I have nothing to wear.

She’s not the least bit concerned about me seeing a man I’ve just met because this is Disney.

She gives me a dress she’s been hiding somewhere. It’s beautiful (though maybe a little old fashion).

I am overjoyed as I leave for the ball!

At the ball I meet the man again (At this point I’m thinking I should give him a name…) He reveals himself to be the prince. WHAT!

We dance all night, UNTILL…. BOOM! The ball room is filled with smoke and the villain appears. Wronged by the royal family in the past, she is seeking revenge.

Chaos erupts as the party guests try to flee the ball room. The villain calls out over the screams “WHERE IS YOUR KING?”

Knights come rushing in, but they are no match for her.

The prince urges me to go, but I can’t go. I’m glued to the floor. Is it fear? Maybe. I just can’t leave.

A major battle begins. Of course we need to keep this at a PG rating, but being a high fantasy writer, I just can’t help it.

After a long battle, I deliver the final blow, and the fight is over.

The Prince and I marry and live happily ever after. The end.

Disney Castle Clipart - Clipart Junction

Thanks for sticking around! This was a random post, lol, I’m not sure what made me want to write it, and I think myself crazy for posting it. Anyway, I hope you got a kick out of it like I did.

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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