My Favorite Music Videos

Heidi ho, readers! Today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite music videos! It took a while to come up with this list because I don't watch many music videos and all my most favorites are NF music videos. When I Grow UP, NF The first video I have to share … Continue reading My Favorite Music Videos


Most Attractive Animated Characters

I meant to get this post out ages ago, but I've been busy. Since it's Valentine's day I thought it would be funny to talk about the most attractive animated characters, So, here are fourteen cartoon characters that I think are beautiful. This list excludes anime characters because I don't watch much anime and I … Continue reading Most Attractive Animated Characters

Writing Prompts Guaranteed to get you out of a Slump

Are you facing writers block? Going through a creative dry spell? Here are some of my favorite prompts and challenges for getting our of a slump! Parodies I love parodies! It's so easy, all you do is rewrite your favorite book or movie in a different genre. Like Treasure Planet or Pride and Prejudice and … Continue reading Writing Prompts Guaranteed to get you out of a Slump