Star Wars Aesthetics and Mood Boards

Hello, readers! I am starting the new year off with another aesthetic post. The new year always reminds me of Star Wars. Maybe it’s because the first time I watched Star Wars was around this time.

So the first board we have is, of course, Reylo! I drew inspiration from Rey and the scene in Rise of Skywalker when they were on the desert planet. I love the earthy, desert color scheme.

Okay, this one’s my favorite. Here we have Anakin/Darth Vader. If you have read any of my creative writing post you have probably guessed that I just love Anakin. For this collage I really wanted to go with an orange and black theme that showed a bit of a time line of his journey to becoming Darth Vader.

It wouldn’t be Star Wars without Luke and Leia. I didn’t really have an inspiration when creating this one but I think it’s one of the best!

For the Kylo Ren collage my first thought was to go with a red and black theme, but that eventually evolved into the picture you see above. I added Luke’s quote ‘no one’s ever really gone’ because I have always associated Kylo with it.

And of course, Anakin and Padme. I was manly influenced by the picnic scene from attack of the clones. I also wanted to to look like a page in a scrapbook so I added the dried flowers and tape. This one is probably my least favorite and one of the hardest.

Which Star Wars trilogy is your favorite?

Thanks a bunch!

β€” Nerd


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