Blogmas Day Three: My holly Jolly Bullet Journal pages

Hello everyone! It’s day three of blogmas and since it’s still the beginning of the month I want to share my bullet journal pages for the month!

My theme for December is snow globes, so for the title page I drew a snow glove with a little Christmas tree inside.

The next page is my Calendar page. I didn’t carry the snow globes onto this page but I did use some Christmas stickers.

A list of some potential blogmas posts.

And last but not least I have my “Moods till Christmas” page, with moods on a scale from “Holly Jolly” to “Grichy.”

I was working on some more pages such as a gift log and a weekly journal but this are all the pages I have finished to show you.

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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