Outfits Inspired by Cartoons to wear this Cold Season!

December is just around the corner and with that comes snow and bitter cold… Here are four outfits inspired by cartoon characters that will keep you nice and warm this winter!


AH! My favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender character! I feel like Sokka gets a bad wrap because he’s not a bender and he’s the comic relief, but I think he is one of the best characters in the show!

For Sokka’s outfit I decided to go for a more “Tomboy, sporty” outfit. I styled a white turtleneck under a light blue collage hoodie, black leggings, white socks and my black boots. For Jewelry I would just go for some simple diamond stud earrings, and style my hair in a messy bun.

This is a great outfit for the cold with all the layers and this hoodie is very thick. I would totally wear this if I knew I would be outside in the cold.

Princess Peach

When picking this character I realized I have very few pink items in my closet. for Princess Peach I wanted to go for a casual yet elegant look. I used to wear this outfit a lot last year and I thought I would be perfect for Princess Peach! I styled a light pink long-sleeve shirt under a matching pink blazer, my boot cut jeans (though a light wash skinny jeans would work, I just don’t have any), and white sneakers. I wore adidas but I think white converse look better.

For hair, wearing it down or half up works best, and I wore turquoise jewelry to match hers!

This outfit is great for a chilly day or a day where you’ll be inside. With the long sleeve and the thick blazer it’s warm enough to wear out and about on a cooler day without needing a coat.


I LOVE GRIZZ! for this outfit I wore my baggy jeans, one of those fuzzy sweaters that are in right now, and my adidas. I wanted to go for a comfortable, laid back look that I knew Grizz would wear.

For hair I would either wear it in a pony-tail or in two low space buns.

This outfit is very comfy and warm!


Another Avatar character… For Suki I wore a green sweater under my overall dress with my black tights and the same black boot I wore for Sokka.

I wore gold jewelry and my hair half up but she also wore her’s down.

This outfit is fantastic for a cooler day or if you have wool tights and a matching coat it could be great for any cold day!

I was hoping to do five character but what do you know, I don’t own a red flannel.

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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