October Wrap-up!

October has come and gone, so here’s an overview of what went on this month!

My pumpkin this year!


I just started reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’ve been wanting to read it for years and I finally bought my own copy.

TBR List

I just bought pride and prejudice, and Sence and Sensibility by Jane Austen, and I would love to read at least one this month! I LOVE JANE AUSTEN!!!

What I’ve been watching

I have been watching lots of Halloween movies and recently just watch Gravity falls on Disney+ for the one-millionth time.

Gravity Falls Mabel GIF - GravityFalls Mabel MabelPines - Discover & Share  GIFs


I did very little preptober work… so I guess I’m pantsing this nano. No problem though, I’ll just pick up a new journal when I get paid next week (but by the time that this is out I’ll already have it), and outline as I go since I usually like to go into the first few scenes blind anyway.

Songs on repeat

One word…

WONDER!!! Shawn Mendes’ new single ‘wonder’ was released at the beginning of the month and I have just been obsessed! It’s such a beautiful song, and I just love Shawn!

The blog

This month I posted 4 posts, had 23 views, 6 likes, and 0 comments, and I gained 1 follower.

Most popular post

Creepy (not scary) Halloween Movies!

One you might have missed

NaNoWriMo Motivation

Favorite thrift finds

I have three this month. I found these beautiful colonial figures at our local thrift store.

And I also found this cute vintage dog figure that I paid $0.9 for! It looks like a cute old Disney dog!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween and are ready for NaNo!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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