Can you improve your writing by switching fonts?

Would you believe me if I told you I have heard writers say they enjoy writing in a white font?

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I know! I don’t believe it either!

I also heard someone say once that they believe writing in a font such as comic sans improves creativity. Well, I’m about to put those to the test.

Comic Sans

First thoughts: I am really impressed by how well this worked. I don’t know why but this font seemed really easy and fun to write with, and half the time I didn’t even notice I was writing in a different font. As far as creativity levels go I think I would give it an eight out of ten. I don’t know if it’s just switching to a font that I’m not used to, or if this font actually improves creativity, but I’m loving it.

Final thoughts: Ok, um… WOW!!! I think this font has turned me into some kind of super writer! I have been using this font for a few weeks as I work on my most recent project and I can’t believe the difference it’s made! I’m writing faster, I’m more creative, I LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be using this more in the future!

White Font

Now, I don’t know if by “white font” they mean white font on a white background or white font on a black background. My guess is the former so that is what I am trying today.

First thoughts: I’m not a huge fan of this. It’s a lot harder to write and not nearly as quick-paced as when using the comic sans. It’s weird not knowing where you’re at, how many words you’ve written, and if you put a space in between those last two words.

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Final thoughts: Okay, I gave it one more try, this time with an open mind and I don’t hate it! It’s not something I’m going to use all the time obviously, but it’s a nice way to switch things up and it really got me through some writer’s block. And since I couldn’t see it I wasn’t tempted to reread or rewrite. There was no pressure!

So, does your font affect your writing? Yes! and no.

Honestly, I think it’s all mental. Your font isn’t making you write faster or better by itself, but it shakes things up a bit which does improve the way to view your writing!

What are your thoughts? Would you ever try writing in a white font?

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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