Tales from work vol.1 — The Shadow Cat and Overwhelming Giveaway

I just got hired as a radio announcer at our local Christian radio station not too long ago, and since then I had some pretty funny experiences. I like telling stories on my blog so I thought ‘Tales from work’ would be a pretty fun topic. So, without further ado, here is The Shadow Cat and Overwhelming Giveaway.

The Shadow Cat…

I was in the studio loading songs and scheduling adds when I got the nagging feeling that my cat (Dan) was in the window. No, I told myself, Dan’s not in the window he’s at home. I shook the feeling off and went back to my work. But then the feeling came back only stronger. Dan is in the window! I seriously thought I could see my cat or at least the shadow of my cat in the window. NO! DAN IS NOT IN THE WINDOW! I told myself again. I was beginning to get freaked out. So finally I turned and looked out the window and sure enough, a cat was sitting on the other side of the window ledge. He was a little brown cat that lived in the house next to the station! I had to stifle my laugh as I went back on the air!

Not Dan. If you would like to see what my cat looks like, visit this post.😁

Overwhelming giveaway…

One Saturday during our Kid’s program I was told to give away a gift card. I told the kids to call in with a song request and I’ll enter their name into a drawing for a $5 gift card to one of our local cafes. I thought kids would really want to call in for this card since the cafe makes snowcones! However, we are in the process of trying to get kids to call in during the children’s program since it was pre-recorded for years. I only for three callers for the card. Two of those requested a song.

It was a mess! I couldn’t find the songs! lol! And the thing about those kid songs is they are short and fast. So I’m scrambling around trying to find the songs before the one I had playing was over! It felt like the song was just getting faster and faster, I was breathing heavily, blazing through the list of songs, watching the timer go down rapidly… It was intense!

black rotary telephone on white surface

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this enjoyable!

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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