June bullet journal setup.

It’s time to set our bullet journaIs up for the month. Follow me as plan for June!

I like to do themes for each month. Last month I did butterflies and this month I decided I wanted to do a ‘vintage Hawaiian’ theme. It includes lots of tropical flowers, parrots, surfboards and tiki men!

1. Title page

I did my best to do a tropical looking font but I think it just looks like Spongebob, LOL! I did my best to draw the tropical flowers around the title.

2. Calendar

First, I needed to print out some pictures, which included a lot of Lelo and Stich… but this is what I ended up with.


3. Goals

I like to do an artsy collage on the page next to my list of goals. I didn’t get a pictre of my goal page but that didn’t have much anyway.


Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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