Summer 2020 Playlist

My favorite summer memory is from when I was about twelve. I was sitting outside with my family, drinking ice coffee (my favorite drink at the time), and listening to music. I wanted to capture those memories in this playlist. Lots of the songs on this playlist are songs I remember listing to that summer, such as Africa by Toto and Hotel Californa by the Eagles. My actual summer playlist is really long so I’m only listing the highlights.

Summer 2020

(My most favorite songs are highlighted in pink).

  • Total Eclipse of the heart — Bonnie Tyler
  • Devil in Disguise — Elvis Presley
  • On top of the World — Imagin Dragons
  • Summer of ’69 — Bryan Adams
  • Hotel Californa — The Eagles
  • Africa — Toto
  • Don’t stop believing — Journey
  • Livin’ on a Prayer — Bon Jovi
  • I don’t care — Ed Sheeran
  • You give love a bad name — Bon Jovi
  • Separate ways — Journey
  • Fireflies and songs — Sara Groves
  • Little Sister — Elvis Presley
  • Hall of fame — The Script
  • My heart will go on — Celine Deion
  • Can’t help falling in love — Elvis Presley
  • Trouble — Elvis Presley
  • Burning Love — Elvis Presley
  • Girls just want to have fun — Cyndi Lauper
  • Heartbreak Hotel — Elvis Presley

What’s your summer aesthetic this year?

Thanks a bunch!

— Nerd


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