Look back on May’s Bullet Journal pages

I was really bored in May due to quarantine, so I filled forty pages in one month… yeah we won’t be looking at all of those pages, just some of my favorites/the ones that have to do with the month.

DSCF1254My theme for May was butterflies and it’s carried on through the month!

DSCF1265DSCF1272This is my spring/May goals page. I wanted some kind of writing in the corner so I wrote down Nothing gold can stay by Robert Frost because I have that poem memorized. It isn’t exactly the mood I wanted to bring to this page but it works.

DSCF1273 I really wanted to do a mood tracker which is something I rarely do in my journal but I really enjoyed it! I think I will do it a bit differently next time. I carried the butterfly theme through this page as you can see.


My cat crashed my photoshoot. Say hi to Dan!


DSCF1276DSCF1277The left page has my Spring playlist(which I never finished..) and on the other is the cute currently I’m… trend, which I also never finished filling out.


I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! This has the movies and shows I want to watch. It kind of reminds me of my new logo! BTW, what do you think of the new logo?


And for this last page, I have just another artsy collage!

Thanks so much for reading! Do you Bullet Journal? If so, do you follow the trends?

Thanks a bunch!

โ€” Nerd


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