If I went to Narnia

I wouldn’t normally consider this one of my main fandoms… I grew up watching this series, and I own all the books (even though I’ve only read the magician’s nephew… I’m working on it!), but it wasn’t until recently when I watched the movies again that I realized, these are actually pretty good…

I can’t take all the credit for this, I got the idea from Pinterest and I highly doubt I am the first to do this, but here is what I think my life would look like if I went to Narnia!

What I would wear

I’m going at this with the mindset that I would be royal/pretty high up there in the social class; even though, with my luck, that’s not likely to happen. Lol

Picking this was actually hard. Red wouldn’t be my first choice but I really liked the sleeves, which ended up being the deal-breaker. The other dress I picked was light pink and really flowy and everything I ever wanted, but I figured this would be a bit more convenient.

 I’m working on growing out my last pixie cut (This makes number four), and I almost considered finding a picture of short hair but then I figured you only live once, and it’s not like any of this is real so I’m going to go with long hair!

Now, since I am considering myself to be a royal, I am probably going to want a crown or something.

Our rustic, country, dried flower collections are a great alternative for creating a wild, bohemian look to your wedding day.Also available as a full crown for an extra £10.These hair crowns are great for weddings abroad and you get to keep them afterwards to either give away as a gift or as a memento of your big day. All our designs are handmade to order, so please allow on average at least three weeks for dispatch to the UK , which are sent by HERMES/Royal Mail tracked and signed. ( NOTE: weI really love how Thranduil from the hobbit, always has nature-influenced crowns, so that is where I found my inspiration. All the characters in Narnia had nature grounded crowns, but I really like how Thranduil’s crowns were made from actual flowers and leaves.

I found this dried wildflower crown on Pinterest and thought it was perfect!


Where I would live

Multiple scenes in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones were filmed at Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como. The locations there closely match the planet of Naboo.

I couldn’t find a picture of the exterior that I was envisioning so we just won’t go there. I was picturing something like the palace Anakin and Padme stayed in while they were in Naboo in the attack of the clones mixed with the beast’s castle in the live-action beauty and the beast.

OSCARS Congratulations to all of the nominees for the 90th Academy Awards Oscar(R) for Outstanding Production Design! Special congrats to SDSA members... Alessandra Querzola SDSA and Katie Spencer SDSA

Very elegant, yet simple. And I want to try to take the feel of nature into the inside by having lots of flowers, plants, and light everywhere.

Life's a Theater and I Fell Off the Stage

What on earth would I do though?

Honestly… I have no idea. My knowledge of the series extends only to the films, so I don’t even know what there is to do in Narnia except die in battle… 

I guess having tea with Mr. Tumnus would be cool, and of course, fighting alongside the Narnians would be amazing.   

Let me know what you would do if you went to Narnia!
Thanks a bunch!
— Nerd



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