NaNoWriMo is Over at last!

Finally, Nanowrimo is over! Last month was crazy! It went by so fast and yet not fast enough. You’re probably waiting for me to tell you I won and my words of wisdom. Well, that’s not exactly what happened… NOT EVEN CLOSE!

I’m proud of myself this year! Even though I wasn’t even close to winning I still accomplished quite a bit! I roughly wrote five chapters (most of which aren’t completely finished), I wrote almost every day! Sometimes only four words but hey, at least I did it! And I don’t think you knew this, but I took a long break from writing over the summer and couldn’t get back into the swing of things. This really helped.

Honestly, I am scared to read what I wrote and feel bad for my future self when it comes to editing this… But at least I accomplished something ā€” Learning how to fast draft.

I hated fast drafting! I have never written like that! I normally would take my time thinking of the perfect sentence, and that did not happen here. I’ll talk about this more in the future but for now, I say goodbye.

Did you participate in NaNo this year? How did you do?

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Thanks a bunch!

ā€” Nerd.


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