10 random facts about me, Marvel style.

Ok, so I was kind of lazy and didn’t finish this week’s blog post so I figured a ten random facts about me kind of thing would be quick and fun. And, of course, I had to find a way to make it nerdy because that’s what I do here on my blog.

So the way this works is I have listed out 10 about me questions inspired by Marvel characters/movies.

1. The Hulk: List your biggest pet peeve.

When people use incorrect Grammer! Even though I can be a bit lazy in that area myself…

2. Which Marvel villain best describes you and why?

I really wish it didn’t have to be a marvel villain because I can’t think of any Marvel villains I can really relate to.

But if I didn’t have to go with a Marvel villain I would say lord business from the Lego movie, Which is so funny because I wouldn’t consider myself a control freak at all, but I can totally relate to him…

I’ll admit, I’ve only seen like nine Marvel movies so… My options are few.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited would you be about a lego death star?

Um, dude, I’d be off the chart! Do you have any idea how expensive a lego death star is?

4. Captain America: One thing you believe in and would stand up for?

I’m a Christian! I believe Jesus died to save me and that is something I would stand up for.

5. Batman: No I’m joking, sorry… Iron Man: What would you do with a million bucks and why?

I’d either buy a castle because I have always wanted to live in a castle or I’d use it to build a homeless shelter in my town.

6. Loki: How would you react if you found out you were adopted?

Image result for mind blown gif cartoon

7. Which infinity stone do you want the most and why?

The reality stone because I am just that kind of person.😜

8. Which hero would be your best friend?

This is hard… logically I’d probably be friends with Spider-man because he’s closer to my age and we have more in common… But I think I’d rather want to be friends with Captian America.

9.  What’s your favorite and least favorite Marvel movie?

My favorite would have to be the Avengers ❤and my least favorite would be Captain America: Civil war, I absolutely hate that movie! LOL, I didn’t watch another Marvel movie for two years after watching that I was so mad!Image result for inside out anger gif

10. Scarlet Witch: What is your biggest fear?

This might sound kind of strange but I have a fear of big things aka Megalophobia.


Live long and may the nerdiness be with you!


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