20 Things only Book Nerds understand

Being a Book Nerd can be dangerous, physically, and mentally. Not to mention the looks we get from some people. You know that “what the heck is wrong with you” kind of look.

There are just some things ordinary people don’t understand. Things like:

  1. Being the only one in your fandom.
  2. Trying to find a comfy position to read in.
  3. That feeling when you are forced to put the book down.
  4. Not enough room on the shelf.
  5. When you meet the love of your life… but he’s not real!
  6. Having no money to buy books.
  7. That TBR list that’s not getting any smaller.
  8. Always being tired because you stay up all night reading.
  9. Missing the characters after you finished the book.
  10. When your favorite character dies.
  11. When you finished the book way too fast.
  12. Everyone thinks your antisocial.
  13. Liking a character nobody else likes.
  14. When the movie is NOTHING like the book! (I’m looking at you Percy Jackson!)
  15. Waiting for the next book to be released.
  16.  Book Hangover.
  17. When one of the characters does something so embarrassing you can feel it.
  18. When there’s only one chapter left and things are still really intense and you’re just like “HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO FIX EVERYTHING IN JUST ONE CHAPTER!!!???”
  19. When you drop the book and the bookmark falls out and you have to try to figure out what page you were on.
  20. Trying to read and clean at the same time.

And there’s so much more! I’m gonna have to make a second part because of how many problems we have! But even though some may consider us weird, there is nothing wrong with being a Book Lover! And just because we would rather read than hang out with friends doesn’t mean we’re antisocial. I think those who can’t put their phones down long enough to have a conversation with someone are antisocial.

We have lived many hard and painful and imperfect lives while they are addicted to watching someone’s fake “perfect” life on a screen.

Just think about that. We have been taught how to fight our battles, how to be a friend, how to stand up for what’s right, how to love ourselves and others despite our flaws. And what have they learned? What has Instagram and Facebook taught them? How to compare themselves and self-hate. Sounds pretty depressing. I’m not saying social media is bad, It does have some positive aspects.

What I’m saying is if turning my phone and someone’s fake life into an idol is considered “cool” and “trendy” then I’d rather be antisocial and weird and set apart.

We are unique!

      Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2.

Part two coming soon!


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