Super Cheap DIY Lightsaber!

Here’s a great and easy DIY lightsaber I made spending under $10

parts list:

For the hilt I used:

1″ PVC coupling.

1″ x 5′ PVC pipe.

1″ PVC cap

For the blade I used:

3/4″ PVC cap.

3/4″ x 5′ PVC pipe.

You will also need…

Gray spray paint.

Spray paint of your color choice for the blade (I used green).

Black acrylic paint (Optional).

Cut the 1″ x 5′ PVC pipe down to your desired length, this will be your hilt (leave a little extra, but keep in mind that it will get a little longer). I cut the top at an angle but this is optional. I couldn’t get my 1″ PVC coupling to slide over the body the whole way, so I cut the top part of the hilt off, pushed the 1″ coupling on as far as it would go then stuck the top part back on. I stuck the 1″ PVC cap on the end and spray painted it grey. I strongly suggest sanding the 1″ and the 3/4″ PVC pipes before painting, I forgot to do this and the paint on the blade is flaking off.  

The blade is simple. Cut the blade depending on how tall you are and how long your hilt is. Put the 3/4″ PVC cap on the end and paint it.

I “aged” my hilt with the black paint by dipping my paintbrush in the paint, wiping as much off of it as I could and dusted the places I thought would take the most wear. I wrapped fabric around my hilt, then aged the fabric using eyeshadow. But since every lightsaber is different you can decorate it however you would like! 🙂     20181118_14500720181118_144939


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